jenter, kvinner, damer

i alle aldrar, alle fargar, alle størrelsar, alle sjangrar. jenter. gratulerer til oss!

Musas [Muses]mermaidUntitledfairy tale about a girl who found dead animal in the forest and shared it with her warmth'never let me go'UntitledUntitledyou are far away while I'm here alone between these people who don't understand meéUntitledCora Flora.UntitledAva's Talesshot-2009-02-07-[18-28-43]Les sylphides, featuring Marguerite Gontcharova, Galina Razoumova, Anna Volkova, Phyllida Cooper, Therese Moulin and Sonia Orlova, [3].Photobooth: Anonymous Young Woman With A Great Smile And A Daisy CorsageUntitledUntitledUntitledWorking on some mail art! (Never enough braids!)UntitledUntitled

translation: happy international women’s day! 


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